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Suicidal Feelings

Let me start with the Obvious - DON'T DO IT!!  There is nothing in this world that is so terrible that it warrants the taking of your own life.

Yes, there are things that happen in this life that will upset us, make us angry, depress us and make us overwhelmingly sad.  However, with a little help and a little prayer, all of these things can be overcome!

If you are feeling or thinking of taking your own life I would ask that you please take the time to call me (Pastor Rick) at (208) 543-5191, first!


Please give me the opportunity to show you that someone does care and hopefully give you an alternative plan to overcome these feelings.

I want to assure you that everything is kept confidential.

If you are not ready to talk to a person, May I recommend the following video that has some great information concerning what you are going through.




Also, Please Take The Time To

Watch This Video!

I Know It Can also May Change Your Perspetive !

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